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Here's what we know about you, Wedding Pro.

Pros never stop learning.

Pros never quit.

Pros believe in community.


If we learned anything from 2020, it's that we are resilient, nimble, and smart. But there's always something to work on.

This is why we produced the Profitable Planner Bundle last year, and it's why we are back again this year!  We believe in bringing you education and resources all for one low price. We believe in you, Wedding Pro. 

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Take a closer look at everything you get in this amazing Bundle!

And you get it ALL for only $99!

All About the Wedding Ceremony

with Renee Dalo

Does your stomach get twisted in knots right before the ceremony rehearsal begins? You're not alone, friend. The ceremony rehearsal is a critical point in the Planning process, and the first time your skills are on display for your clients nearest & dearest. If it doesn't go smoothly, you'll lose their trust. It's a lot of pressure. 

In this mini-course, I walk you through everything you need to know about your client's wedding ceremony, both in the Planning, and the execution of the ceremony rehearsal so you can be cool, confident, collected, and present yourself as the Boss you know you are. 

Value $127

Email Kit: Sales, Check-Ins and Naughty Clients

with Amber Anderson

Exclusive to PPB, this email template kit bundle will set you up for landing sales and keeping your clients on track with your process. But for the naughty clients that miss deadlines and jump ship on your process, this kit has templates for redirecting them, all the way to firing them and everything in between. I've even included some templates for overbearing "non-planning partners" (cough cough... moms) that you need OUT of your inbox.

Value $97

Werk the Workflow LIVE

with Terrica

Tired of not having any systems and processes for your business?

Those days are over with this live workshop paired that includes Terrica’s popular “Werk the Workflow” educational system. Build your workflow in this 90-minute Done-With-You session with Q&A.

Value $297

Sell With Stories

with Jessie Khaira

Sell With Stories aims to empower service-based business owners to create Instagram™ Stories that help them convert followers into paying customers through strategic content without acting salesly, getting ghosted in the DM’s, or being online all day, every day.

Value $97

Become a Wedding Industry Expert: An Exclusive Guide

with Meghan Ely

So what does it take to be a wedding industry expert?

In this comprehensive guide, award-wedding publicist Meghan Ely of OFD Consulting walks you what it takes to be featured nationally- through quotes, podcast interviews, speaking, and more.

The bundle includes an extensive recording, Guide to Pitching to Podcasts, and Best Practices for Wedding Industry Speakers.

Value $197

Your Social Media MEASURED!

with Christie Osborne

Do you feel like you're on a social media hamster wheel, constantly producing content and wondering if it's really worth it? Or maybe you know you should be better at social media, but you're so overwhelmed by what to say to attract your ideal clients that you barely post. No matter your challenge, simple tracking, and measurement can help you streamline your social media marketing and discover once and for all what works and what doesn't on any social media platform. Your Social Media MEASURED is a Simple 3-Step System for streamlining, testing, and measuring social media success.

Value $197

First Steps to Develop a Million Dollar Mindset 

with Maria Bayer

Stuck in a plateau? Not booking those high-end clients? Your mindset is keeping you stuck.

Learn how to leverage the power of your mindset to skyrocket your sales and achieve your goals in record time!

Value $297

The Wedding Roller Coaster Book Club

with Leah Weinberg

Join Leah Weinberg from Color Pop Events in this 4-part series about her new book, the Wedding Roller Coaster. Over the 4 weeks, Leah will give you a more in-depth understanding of what your clients are experiencing emotionally during the wedding planning process and how best to help them navigate through it. Imagine the level of client service you can provide if you meet your clients with empathy, compassion, and an understanding of what they are going through.

Value $150

The Art of the Event Timeline

with Brian Green

From Award-Winning Event producer Brian A M Green. Template and Masterclass with 29 customizable Canva Pages and Video Masterclass and Presentation PDF

Value: $97

Tailwind Pro Mini Course: Pinterest for Wedding Pros

with Gabrielle Pinkerton

Learn how to use Tailwind, a Pinterest-approved scheduler, to grow your Pinterest traffic to your website faster and turn Pinners into Paying clients!

Value: $97

Free Stock Video Clips and Graphics

with Sourced Co.

Video has become an increasingly important marketing tools for businesses but it can be incredibly expensive to produce yourself. Use these stock-free stock video clips and graphics from Sourced Co. to level up your website and social media game—without needing to coordinate an expensive shoot!

Value $100

Our Bundle offers 30 of the highest-quality online courses and resources that will allow you to learn every technique you need to know to improve your business. Improve your skills and take your biz to the next level, at a price you cannot refuse. You don’t want to miss this opportunity.


30 courses for the price of 1. Literally.

And a supportive Facebook group to keep you motivated and overwhelm-free! 

$5,000 in education for $99!?! 

Yes, that's right.

30 educators, coming together in the spirit of Community Over Competition to bring you the goods.

We want to see you succeed. We want you back at the top of your game when the world opens back up...soon. 

What do you want for yourself? 

How to produce an authentically inclusive LGBTQ+ styled shoot

with Kirsten Ott Palladino

From conception to execution, LGBTQ+ inclusivity expert Kirsten Ott Palladino will teach you everything you need to know to avoid tokenization and celebrate the LGBTQ+ community with love and equality in your styled shoots.

Value $119

Basic Wedding Chat System Template To Generate More Leads

with Henry Chen

🤖 Get the basic wedding chat system template that helped our business generate 1100+ leads in 2019 and 2020 and continues to work for us every day here in 2021.

💲🕐 Earn more and connect with your potential couples while saving time.

🚀 Download, install, customize, use, and get leads on autopilot.

Value $197

Compelling Design Deck Creation

with Robin Baab Olascoaga

A non-graphic designer's guide to creating compelling event design presentation decks that communicate your vision clearly, position you as a design expert, and attract more design-focused clients.

The guide includes helpful video instruction and clean and beautiful Canva templates specifically tailored to events that can be customized to fit your own branding and project needs.

Value $129

Accelerating Your Wedding Biz with Facebook Groups' Mini-Course

with Margaux Fraise

Facebook Groups are a 24/7, 365 day-a-year opportunity to market your wedding business.

This course will show you how to do it the right way without feeling spammy and gross.

Value $97

Covid-19 Liability Waiver

with Kunbi Odubogun of Legally Set

The COVID-19 Liability Waiver by Legally Set is a great added protection for a service provider whose services involve close physical interactions with the client. This waiver could act as an added level of protection and serve as proof that the client acknowledges the risks involved in their participation in the service or event.

Value $199

Unf*ck Your Finance

with Braden Drake

UFYF is a deep dive into cash flow management to create a comprehensive system for both business and personal finances.

Value: $497

Mastering Your Inbox

With Elizabeth Sheils from Rock Paper Coin

Think about it: Do you own your inbox, or does it own you? If you fall in the latter category, you’re not alone. As fundamental as email communication is, there isn’t much focus on using email efficiently. If you frequently lose emails or spend far too much time sorting through your inbox, this talk was designed for you.

Value $250

10k in 30 Days

with Shaffone Myers

Most expert businesses fail not because of the lack of ideas, but because of the lack of profitable ideas. This mini-course will ensure that doesn’t happen to you. I will show you 10 proven, simple & practical ways for experts to add 5-figures to their revenue in under 30 days.

Value: $297

Canva 101: A Mini-Course

from Brenda Cadman

Say goodbye to Canva frustration and hello to Canva 101: A Mini Course. Canva 101 has been developed to be completely step-by-step and broken down in a way that a patient friend would use to show you how to do something. In this 'go at your own pace' mini course, you'll learn how to navigate Canva’s dashboard and design editor with ease, how to apply your unique brand elements to create designs in Canva that look consistently branded, and the foundational steps to take to create social media images that consistently match your branding.

Value $97

Systems for Your Creative Biz

with Geomyra Pollard

 Systems for Your Creative Biz is the resource you need to kickstart systems and workflows in your business! The step-by-step course walks you through the process of curating and implementing systems in your biz.

Value $297

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The Social Media Pantry Collective Membership 

Story Architect Tier

with Aleya Harris, CPCE


You aren't converting followers into dollars because you aren't effectively building relationships. The Social Media Pantry Collective is the content and community membership you need to turn relationships into sales.

Two months of membership at the Story Architect tier are included in the Profitable Pro Bundle. Each month you will receive: - 30 captions and 2 blogs each month that were created by expert writers using the StoryBrand SB7 Framework - Access to an image gallery full of shots taken by photographers who have been featured in British Vogue and Vanity Fair London - Members only education content - A community of like-minded pros in our VIP Facebook Group - Weekly one-on-one office hours with Aleya

Value $134

The Simple Secret to a Successful Wedding Business

with Ashley Ebert

Let me guess you feel overwhelmed with your wedding business? Marketing, advertising, sale strategy, metrics, pricing guides, social media, the list just never ends. But what is the MOST important thing to get right when it comes to running your business? Join me for my Masterclass where I pull back the curtain to The Simple Secret to a Successful Wedding Business!

Value $97

Bloom Mentorship

with Cristina Barragan

 Get on track with monthly resources and accountability that will help you grow and sustain a profitable business. You'll get strategy and support in topics like branding, marketing, pricing, selling, and more. Get 30 days access to 3 months worth of trainings, and all the action steps you need to get the needle moving in your business!

Value $201

Best Practices for a Successful Styled Shoot

with Lulu Alexander

 Styled shoots can be a powerful force in your event business—they can help beef up the portfolio of a newer entrant to the business; help shape the quality of clients you attract; rebrand your business as you target higher fees for your services; foster relationships with sought-after vendors in your market; or even land you that single lucrative client you’d like to win over. But styled shoots are a huge commitment of time, energy, and money, so you want to get it right the first time!  These tips can help you save money, time and help you avoid misunderstandings and misalignment of objectives between you and your team.

Value: $199

Creative Content Collabs 101

With Holly Gray

 You don't have to brave content alone! Discover how teaming up and working together with other creatives in your local community can save your feed from falling apart.

Value $97

Creating the perfect image for your Facebook + Instagram Ads

with Katelin Brogan

Have you ever opened up your Instagram app only to be caught with the feeling of "I don't know what to post!"?

This actionable training will walk you through what images you should be using for your Facebook + Instagram Ads.

From how to choose the right image, to using Canva, this is your go-to resource on choosing images that bring you in quality leads.

Value: $99

Staying Calm Under Pressure: Bringing an Athlete's Mindset to the Wedding Industry

with Jessica Gelder

A client's wedding day can be a source of stress and anxiety for many wedding industry professionals. In this workshop, Jessica shares the secrets behind an athlete's mindset for keeping your cool under pressure and excelling at executing.

Value $129

EPM Small Business Tax Prep Bundle

from Lorna Dennis Parker

The EPM Small Business Tax Prep Bundle is an Excel system that will help you organize your expenses, track your receipts, track your mileage and see a full summary of your business finances!  It will give you a Business Expense Summary and year-end Financial Summary for your tax preparer.  

Value $97

Weekly Success Planner

with Ashley Stork

 Feel like you are working and working but not making progress on your goals? Do you feel like you have no control over your schedule & time? Are you personal responsibilities pulling at you or falling by the wayside? Then the weekly success planner is for you! The Weekly Success Planner will help you set up your ideal work week to maximize your time & energy.

Value $97

Go from good to great.

And from great to amazing. 

Could your mindset need a reboot? You're not alone, friend. We got you covered.

Do your design skills need sharpening?  Is a styled shoot on your to-do list, but you don't know where to start? We've got that too.

We've got all of this education and so much more, all for one low price. 

The total value of all these resources is $5,000!!

and you get ALL OF THIS for only $99. I know, it's bananas. 

And even better? A portion of each sale will be donated to CAPE - that's the California Association for Private Events - a non-profit helping California get back to work, safely. Because it's been 11 months with no new guidelines.

Pros never stop learning.

Pros never quit.

Pros believe in community.

Pros give back. 

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