This year...Persevere.

This year...Uplevel. 

This year...Persist. 

The Profitable Planner Bundle is here to help you make the most of the year we have left - with 30 educational tools to guide you through this season of life & your biz -
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Take a closer look at everything you get in this amazing Bundle!

And you get it ALL for only $97!

Conquer Your Consult

with Renee Dalo

Truth? If your consult calls with potential clients are TWO HOURS long, you're doing it wrong.

This mini-course teaches you all you need to know to book your ideal clients after one 30 minute Zoom call. You'll get a step by step process - and sales script - that you can customize to your own voice, and my consult cheat sheets and downloadable notebook too. 

The days of chatting with a potential client for an hour or more and not booking the sale are OVER. 

Value $147

Wedding Day Timeline Certification Course

with Eddie Babbage of Timeline Genius

Are you ready to become a Certified Timeline Genius™?

When you earn this certification, you’ll know exactly how to create the sort of timelines that leave your clients and vendors amazed. And you’ll be creating these stellar timelines in less time and with greater ease than you probably ever thought possible!

Value $97

LGBTQ+ Inclusion Certification

with Equally Wed

Hi, love champions! In this course, you will learn who the LGBTQ+ community is, what LGBTQ+ inclusivity means, why it’s so important to add this element to your business and how to implement LGBTQ+ inclusivity into your business. Once you’ve completed our intensive LGBTQ+ inclusivity training, you’ll be able to confidently speak with, work with and market to the LGBTQ+ community.

Value $499

Quick Floral Fixes for Wedding Day Emergencies

with Lorna Dennis Parker

Ever found yourself panicked on wedding day because you have a wilted boutonniere or you are a bridesmaid's bouquet short?

In these video tutorials you will learn 3 amazing but easy to create floral ideas for wedding day emergencies made with easily sourced blooms from your local grocery store or garden.

These are essential wedding-day emergencies skills! 

Value $119

4 Steps To Book High-Paying Clients

with Maria Bayer

When you don't sell your value, you force your client to make a decision on price.

In this Masterclass, you'll learn step-by-step how to sell your value and show clients that you're worth every penny!

Value $197

HoneyBook PlayBook

Learn how to streamline and automate your creative business with Honeybook! This course will take you from top to bottom on setting up your account, getting your systems in place, and start implementing an elevated client experience through all the amazing features. HONEYBOOK PLAYBOOK, will show you how to use all of these features effortlessly!

Value $297

18 Email Templates For Your Wedding Planning Workflow

with Megan Gillikan

A collection of 18 editable email templates perfect for wedding planners to use in their business!

These thoughtful and timely email responses will help you save time and stress in trying to craft the perfect response to vendors and clients!

Value $127

Planned to Perfection: Pre-Wedding Questionnaire for a Flawless Production

with Lulu Alexander

I'm sharing my powerhouse Pre-Wedding Questionnaire, used successfully with over 300 clients, designed to arm you and your team with the necessary details for a flawlessly executed event; making you look like the rockstar wedding planner that you are, and increasing opportunities for up-selling, repeat referrals, and excellent reviews. 

Value $129

The 51 Email Templates Every Wedding Planner Needs

with Skylar Caitlin

Betcha didn’t imagine spending 95% of your time as a wedding planner writing emails!

In this booklet, you’ll find all 51 email templates I recommend you have in your arsenal to take your wedding planning business from soul- sucking email factory to creatively fulfilling career.

Value: $127

Pinterest for Wedding Pros

with Gabrielle Pinkerton

Pinterest Masterclass for Wedding Pros is the perfect course for any wedding industry professional wanting to attract their ideal clients from a platform that requires a lot less work than Instagram! I'll show you how to convert clicks to paying clients and with only about an hour of work each week.

Value: $119

Worry-No-More Money Roadmap

with Braden Drake

The Roadmap is a 5 lesson course that walks creatives through how to handle client payments, pay themselves, their taxes, and their expenses. Braden calls himself your gay best friend here to help you get your legal and tax shit legit. Braden is a California licensed attorney. He also has his master's in tax law

Value $99

The Connection Quiz

with Angela Proffitt

Your intro to GSD!

(GSD = Get Sh*t Done.)

Do you wish you could read your clients minds or your team members minds? That is exactly what this helps you do! It's the most important tool we use when starting to consult with a company and their audience.

Value $197

Winning Wedding Publicity

with Meghan Ely

Now more than ever, wedding publicity matters in this increasingly competitive market. But how do you get ahead without the usual content?

In this guide, award-winning publicist Meghan Ely walks you through every strategy available to you - whether you're short on time and events, or ready to dig in your heels with celebrations in hand.

Value $159

7 Steps to Yes: Creating Irresistible Proposals for the Modern Couple

with Terrica

Tired of being ghosted? Done with hearing "Thank you, but we've chosen someone else?" Perhaps you're in a saturated area and need to stand out from the crowd?

Those are days are long gone with 7 Steps to Yes-- an online, self-paced course that takes you through reimagining your sales and presentation process to book more and faster than before.

Value $297

Effective Sales Funnels for Wedding Planners 

with Margaux Fraise

Booking your ideal client shouldn’t be so hard. In this day and age your website, sales copy and inquiry process need to be doing most of the work for you. In this mini course, Margaux will dive into the importance of a specific and streamlined sales funnel and inquiry process, while sharing her own strategies that have led her to a near 90% booking rate for couples who make it all the way through her sales funnel.

Value $97

The 5 Key Elements of an Outstanding Online Course That’s Guaranteed to Sell

with Shafonne Myers

Are you thinking about a pivot to online education?

In this presentation, you’ll learn how to solve your target audiences’ problem, give them a reason to buy your course, provide the right content, develop a solid marketing plan and improve your course with feedback, which will get you started on your path to design, develop and run an engaging online course.

Value $127


Our Bundle offers 30 of the highest-quality online courses and resources that will allow you to learn every technique you need to know to improve your Wedding Planning skills and take them to the next level, at a price you cannot refuse. You won’t want to miss this opportunity.


30 courses for the price of 1. Literally.

$5,000 in education for $97!?! 

Yes, that's right.

30 educators, coming together in the spirit of Community Over Competition to bring you the goods.

We want to see you succeed. We want to see you flourish in 2020 and beyond.

What do you want for yourself? 

WBB CEO Virtual Workshop

with Ashley Stork of Wedding Business Bosses

This fall Wedding Business Bosses will be hosting their virtual workshop on CEO mindset, the roles you are filling in your business, and how to create a 90 day plan and beyond the WBB way. 

Value $97

Wedding Planning Process Kit

with Amber Anderson

It’s not lost on you that you need a workflow but like me, you’re not made of the time and emotional energy it would take to make one. You’re here to fast track the creation of your own wedding planning process! With over 90 pages of planning tools, you'll be set up for success.

Value $135

The Action Plan

with Sage Wedding Pros

The Action Plan includes everything to review your business and plan for the year in a tight little workbook. SEE where your business is going. Be intentional with your business decisions.

Value $185

Events That Convert

with Lauren Caselli

Events That Convert is a seven-week, online course where service providers, coaches, and consultants learn exactly how to create high-touch, high-impact workshops and retreats that will transform your business (and make some money, too).

Value $799

How to Resolve Conflict with Confidence

with Ashley Ebert

Anyone who's been in the wedding industry for longer than 5 minutes has experienced conflict. It's one of those things that comes with being a wedding planner, but do you know how to manage it? Tune in for this masterclass if you want a tried-and-true outline on how to approach conflict with anyone!

Value: $147

Email Marketing Master Plan

With Aleya Harris

Stop struggling to get a consistent stream of warm leads for your business. Take The Email Marketing Master Plan course and learn how to grow and use a powerful email list to generate revenue on demand. Over 5 weeks, Aleya will walk you step-by-step through how to start getting subscribers, develop a warm audience, and sell, baby, sell!

Value $297

Super Charge Your Wedding Planner Income

with Planners Lounge

Now is the time to put key pricing and marketing strategies in place to maximize income and long-term sustainability as a wedding planner with these two best selling resources: “Pricing With Confidence” is an 80-page comprehensive pricing guidebook with ready-to-use pricing and packages templates. “20 Days to a More Profitable Planning Business” is an email-based course with marketing secrets and strategies to fast-track your profitability and long term success.

Value: $112

Drapery Basics: Beginner's Drapery

with Meisha Pigford

In this 1-hour tutorial, you will learn how to create pole covers, a standard 10ft straight panel backdrop, a draped entrance, the up & over technique and how to fold the drapes.

You will also receive a resource guide that lists where to purchase the items that were used in the tutorial. Get the basics you need to consider offering this additional stream of income today!

Value $147

10 Curated Styled Stock Photos

from Sourced Co.

As fellow wedding pros, we get it: not just any stock photos and videos will do in our aesthetics-driven industry. You need effective, engaging wedding-specific imagery to market your business successfully. Whether you need photos to refresh your brand, marketing materials or content on social media, these 10 free stock photos are a a surefire way to ensure your brand is seen—in all of it’s eye-catching glory—consistently and cohesively online.

Value $150

Messaging 101:

How to write messaging for your Facebook + Instagram Ads that brings in your ideal couples

with Katelin Brogan

Are you running Facebook and Instagram ads or looking to run them for your wedding planning business, but you are getting caught up on what to say in them? Quality messaging is like a magnet to your ideal couples!

Once they read it, they can’t help but click on your ad. Watch this short training on how to write messaging that attracts your dream couples! Best part is this can also double up on what you need to be saying on your website and other areas.

Value $267

How To Expand Your Team, Reach & Do More Of What You Love

with Sarah Chancey

With 13 locations under the Chancey Charm brand and 30+ planners on the Chancey Charm team, the techniques shared in this guide are proven concepts for success. In the guide, you'll receive 15 of their favorite techniques for growing a healthy, drama-free team and their top 5 steps to successful location expansion.

Value $97 

Canva + Instagram = Love

with Brenda Cadman

In this mini course, you'll learn how you can use Canva to up-level your Instagram game in a couple of unexpected ways, including how to organize and plan your Instagram feed with Canva, and how to use Canva to easily create a custom branded Instagram Bio Link Page that you can use to replace Linktree.

You'll also receive a set of pre-designed Instagram "Link in Bio" Canva templates that can quickly and easily be customized for your own brand.

Value $97

Your Company's Tech Audit

with Rock Paper Coin

Today’s clients are hyper connected to friends, family, news outlets, social media platforms,
and so much more — there is a virtual world of information at their fingertips.

With that,
strong communication is at an all-time premium with expectations of near-instant
gratification in the way of timely responses. Thus, event businesses must be prepared to
meet their clients where they are. 

Value $250

365 Days of Social Media Marketing

with Mindy Marzec

Social media can be an amazing, free marketing tool for small business owners, IF you use it correctly!

In this book, I provide one social media marketing tip for each day of the year, covering all the major platforms (and some you may not even know about).

Read a tip per day, or read the book all at once - it's up to you!

Value $97

Living Your Brand

with Holly Gray


Does branding feel like a mystery to you? I've got you. Sign up below for the Living Your Brand webinar with Anything But Gray Events through the Profitable Planner Bundle to learn how to live the brand you love and love the brand you live! ***Please note this is a live webinar with Q & A will take place on September 22, 2020 @ 11am PST via Zoom. The recording will be emailed to all those that enroll in this webinar. Don't worry, even if you can't join me live, you will receive the webinar!

Value $149

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Have you ever wanted to run a Facebook ad, but didn't know how to write one? Have you been curious about adding draping as an additional revenue stream? What about an online course? 

How's your email list looking? don't have one? 

We've GOT YOU. We've got all of this education and so much more, all for one low price. 

The total value of all these resources is $5,000!!

and you get ALL OF THIS for only $97. I know, it's bananas. 

(And even better? A portion of each sale will be donated to the ACLU. Because 2020.)

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