Introducing...Spotlight Sprint!

Our next cohort is October 17th-November 21st, 2022 




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Question: (and answer me honestly...)


What have you done for your business this year? 


Not your clients.

What have you done for




Yeah, that's what I thought. 

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This year has tested our resolve, our passions, and our sanity.

And client demands have likely sidelined your business goals and plans. But it's not too late (and too hopeless) to turn it around.


Spotlight Sprint is a 6-week program that maximizes results while not taking over your whole life. 

For six weeks, we will meet every Monday for 90 minutes to begin your week well. And we continue the community daily in small groups via the video app Marco Polo. Accountability & Connection...on your schedule.


We'll start (or continue) a journaling practice, together. 

You didn't think I was going to let you get away without journaling, right? A daily journaling practice will reduce stress, boost your mood, keep your memory sharp, strengthen emotional function, and provide clarity to your business and life goals and plans.

We will build a journaling practice over the 6 weeks...together. 


A 6-week workbook to keep you on track as well as daily emails. Everything is designed for maximum impact with minimal time spent. 

I know you don't have hours and hours of free time now. The good news is, you won't need all that time to see results. We streamline together and see success together.

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You + This Spotlight Sprint = everything you need to reignite yourself and your business.

I've heard from many of you that you're burnt out, creatively bankrupt, and financially anxious, and you just don't know how much longer you can sustain this pace. 

I hear you. 

This Spotlight Sprint is just what you need to reenergize, focus, and reinvigorate your business and your creativity. 

You'll leave this 6-week experience inspired, motivated and clear on where you're headed and what you want. 


Liese Gardner

"Make Mondays fun again!!

Renee’s Spotlight Sprint was just what I needed to get clarity on a new project. The weekly Monday morning calls with her offered motivation and insight within a mindful yet playful structure. I got the aha moments and tools I needed to move in a new direction with confidence. And because this is a group coaching format, the community was invaluable for accountability, support, and feedback.

Renee has created something special with the Spotlight Sprint, and I highly recommend it if you are on the cusp of or in the middle of a big life or career change or if you just need a friendly boost to help you continue reaching higher!"

Spotlight Sprint is designed to turn a spotlight on an aspect of your business and/or life that you want to focus on for 6 weeks.

Get. It. Done. 

  • You'll be supported within a community of like-minded bosses, ready to get shit done - but also not sacrifice our sanity in the process. 
  • You'll get clarity on what needs to be worked on now and what can wait until you have some more bandwidth. And you won't second guess yourself in the process.
  • You'll leave these six weeks with not only new tools in your personal toolbelt but also a shiny new mindset to help you achieve...whatever you want. Whether that is a nap or a new empire. 

Coach Renée? Yes, officially!

In March 2020, while the wedding industry was literally imploding from the stress of the COVID-19 pandemic, I made a gut decision. Truly. I decided that what I would do in response to the chaos was to hold free daily zoom open calls where any Wedding Pro could come for support, venting, brainstorming, and community. 

I did those calls for 75 days in a row. Yes, even on the weekends!

They became a lifeline for everyone who attended and also for me. 

Eventually, things settled down - or we just got used to the chaos (?), and I turned those daily calls into a more structured Mastermind program that ran for the remainder of 2020 and throughout 2021. 

In 2021, I decided I wanted to learn more about becoming a certified life coach. As a lifelong student, I wanted more concrete prompts and modalities in my toolbelt to support those I coached. 

In 2021 I studied with Tara Mohr and learned how to coach her Playing Big curriculum, and currently, I am completing my certification as a Co-Active Life Coach. I believe in walking the walk, not just talking the talk. (Although you all know I love to talk...😂)

I am so glad you're here to check out Spotlight Sprint. I've specifically designed it for what's happening right now in our industry. 

I hope you'll join me! 


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What I believe about you...

  • I believe you are a brilliant, resourced individual with a deep inner "knowing" about yourself and your business. You might just need a hand tuning into that "knowing."
  • I believe there isn't a "once size fits all" answer for your biz & life challenges. Just because something worked for me doesn't mean it will work for you. Telling you what to do isn't coaching. Helping you find your own way is. 
  • I believe you are worth your time, effort, and attention. I believe carving out time for yourself, and your needs make you better at life - and isn't that the whole point? 



Spotlight Sprint begins on Monday, October 17th, and is limited to 25 Wedding Pros.

Join us today!
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What's Included


#1- 6 weekly 90-minute coaching calls with Renée

These calls are equal parts teaching, implementing, community, and strategizing. Get ready to love Monday morning again! 

#2- Daily check-ins with your small group via Marco Polo

Everyone will be placed in a small (no more than 5 people in a group) Marco Polo for daily check-ins, community, and encouragement - on your own time and with a very small daily time commitment.

#3- Workbook and Daily Emails! 

The workbook will keep you on your own path, and the daily emails will keep you engaged and motivated. There will be plenty of options for deeper dives into visibility, mindset, money mindset, and more! 

Yes! I'm in.

The result? 

A future-you that is focused, inspired, action-oriented, and more profitable. 

You deserve to spend time on yourself and your business. 

The small amount of time you spend this season will reap results for the seasons to come.

The result? 

A future-you that is focused, inspired, action-oriented, and more profitable. 

You deserve to spend time on yourself and your business. 

The small amount of time you spend this season will reap results for the seasons to come 

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Spots are limited to only 25 Wedding Pros, so don't sleep on this! 

Spotlight Sprint

October 17 - November 21st, 2022

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One time payment

  • 6 weeks of weekly 90-minute coaching calls with Renee Dalo
  • 6 weeks of DAILY Marco Polo interaction with Renee & your accountability group
  • Daily emails to keep you on track
  • a goal-setting workbook to help you develop a framework for this 6 week's mastermind



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