Isn't it time for you to take a deep dive into your Wedding Planning business?

Group Coaching & Masterminds for Wedding Planners - next session begins the week of June 28th, 2021.

We've been given this time...for better or for worse. Don't you want to make the most of it? 

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What Planners are saying...

"Renee's Mastermind group came at the exact right time for me and my business. Having the accountability each week, plus the wisdom, encouragement, and support from the other members of the group allowed me to tackle a HUGE project that I've been thinking about for years. I made 5x what I invested and it's only growing from there.

Renee has a way of being a great leader, while still being accessible and open-minded. She knows there is more than one way to any solution and helps you find YOUR best way of getting there. I'm beyond thankful for the experience and highly recommend it." - D.P

Group Coaching

Because you shouldn't be getting help for your business solely in a Facebook group. 


If you are a new Wedding Planner or someone in the first few years of your business, Group Coaching is for you. Led by me and a series of Guest Speakers, we will dive in deep to the both the back end of your business (inquiry process, sales skills, cash flow, as a few examples) and the client-facing side of your business (client workflow, client experience, how to make tough decisions quickly, timelines, budgets, etc). Now more than ever, you are going to have to have your *ish together, as we pivot and stay nimble through whatever the "new normal" will look like.

Group coaching is an intimate conversation space, focused on goal setting, deepening awareness around key issues, taking action, and accountability.

Suitable for beginning and intermediate Wedding Planners, topics covered will include but are not limited to Ideal Client Avatars, Sales Language, Market Positioning, Service Offerings, Wedding Planning Workflow, Confident Decision Making, Client Communication, Inquiry & Booking Workflow. The Group Coaching program will also include a few Guest Speakers, relevant to that week's topic, Weekly Work Sesh for action and accountability, and a Facebook group to keep us all connected! 

12-week commitment begins the week of June 21st, 2021, exact date and time TBD.


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If you're the smartest person in the room, you're in the wrong room. 

If you are a more seasoned Wedding Planner, the Mastermind is for you. This is for those who already have a strong foundation for their business, and are looking to deep dive into a specific area. Maybe you want to write a book? Start a podcast? Launch an educational course? Or maybe you want to expand your business to a new market, take on more employees, or switch service offerings? It's time to embrace the pivot, folx. If so, you're in the right place.

A community of intermediate & advanced Wedding Planners, collaborating & learning from one another to take your businesses to the next level.

Topics covered will include, but are not limited to Sales Funnels, Sales Language, Advanced Marketing, Leadership, Managing a Team, Deepening Vendor Relationships, Leveling Up, Growing & Scaling. The Mastermind will also feature special Guests on occasion, Weekly Work Sesh for action & accountability and a Facebook group to keep us all connected! Mastermind members are also welcome to sit in on the Group Coaching sessions as well.

12-week commitment begins the week of June 21st, 2021. There will be sessions on Tuesday or Thursday, from 1-3 pm Pacific.



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What can you expect from this work? Read on...

"Joining Renee’s Mastermind I feel I received more value than I even expected. 3 words come to mind: Focused, Informative & High Level. It’s hard to find masterminds that are designed for someone who’s been in the industry a while, knowing Renee’s reputation & seeing her speak in the past I knew this was right up my alley. The small group setting and consistent timing with the ability to re-watch any missed weeks was huge. I felt I never missed a beat when I physically couldn’t be on the call.

It allowed me to focus and work on a big project with insight from other industry professionals that I otherwise would’ve kept on the back burner or would not have had the courage to launch. I am coming back this fall because I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the group & can’t wait to see what I achieve next!" - KF

Praise for the Group Coaching Program: 

"The Group Coaching was a God send. Being part of it was very instrumental in changes I made in my business that resulted in more sales and a more efficient work flow process.

I never thought I would book THREE weddings during a pandemic but I did it! Thanks to Renee and the Group Coaching Program!" - KD

It's time. Let's uplevel together. 

Just think about what you can accomplish in 12 weeks.

Now 10x that. 

That's the power of group work.

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See Profound Changes...

"When I joined Renee's group coaching program, I didn't really know what to expect. I knew the caliber of material would fantastic because well, it's Renee. What I wasn't expecting was the connections I would made with planners from across the country and Canada from day one. After 12 weeks, I now feel like I have an entire team of people I can call on for guidance, support and ideas when I feel stuck in my own business.

This group coaching program truly excelled my business forward and has changed the trajectory in such a profound way. For that I am so thankful." - A.B

Meet Renee Dalo

Wedding planning wasn’t always in the cards for Renée. Instead, what started out as a seemingly one-time favor for a friend evolved into a thriving side-hustle to her acting career. When it was her turn to walk down the aisle, she flipped the script and discovered that the wedding industry was truly where she belonged. Shortly after her “I do’s,” she started Moxie Bright Events, a boutique wedding planning company, and never looked back.

It wasn’t long before fellow industry pros were looking to her for advice. With over 12 years of experience under her belt, Renée turned her knowledge towards the advancement of the industry as a whole and launched her top-notch educational resources for event pros. In addition to her self-guided Wedding Management e-course, Renée is also the host of the popular B2B podcast, Talk with Renee Dalo.

Renée is a fan favorite on the speaker circuit, taking the stage at conferences across the country, including Wedding MBA, Alt Summit, Let’s Plan Conference, and Tide Talk LA. She is recognized across the industry, having earned a coveted spot on Honeybook’s 20 On The Rise list, and she contributes frequently to industry publications.

She currently serves as the President of WIPA Southern California. Previously, Renee was a Leader for Rising Tide in Los Angeles and the Education Director for the Association of Bridal Consultants, Greater Los Angeles.

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Both programs begin the week of June 7th, 2021 and run through the week of August 30th 2021.