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I'm Renée Dalo.

Wedding Planner. Educator. Podcaster. Online Course Creator. 

Wife. Dog Mom. Sushi Addict. Former Musical Theatre Pro. Enneagram 3. ENTJ.

I'm the loud best friend who will push you to launch the thing, live your full life, make your money, and use your voice. 

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Your Emergency Kit. 

No matter how skilled of a Wedding Planner you are, if you don't have a robust emergency kit, you may as well just stay home. It's our JOB to be over-prepared. For literally every situation. Because at the end of the wedding day, "that's not my job" isn't going to help you. The most asked question I get is, "What's in your emergency kit?" And now, I have a shoppable guide that walks you through it all. Sign up below to receive this essential guide!

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I'm ready to party like it's 2019 again! (now that it's...safer.)

From Wedding MBA to the Aisle Planner Experience, to Cocktails in Cartegena and Alt Summit, I love to speak on stages all over the world! Nothing thrills me more than meeting new people and dropping truth bombs and actionable content to audiences. 

In 2020, I went virtual, of course, and taught over 30 webinars! Zoom fatigue? I don't know her. 

In 2021, I was fortunate to speak at industry events in Seattle, Phoenix, & Omaha, with more locations still to come! This year, I started with an event in Dallas and then delivered the keynote at NACE Evolve in Charlotte, NC. 

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Wedding planning wasn’t always in the cards for Renée. Instead, what started out as a seemingly one-time favor for a friend evolved into a thriving side-hustle to her acting career. When it was her turn to walk down the aisle, she flipped the script and discovered that the wedding industry was truly where she belonged. Shortly after her “I do’s,” she started Moxie Bright Events, a boutique wedding planning company, and never looked back.

It wasn’t long before fellow industry pros were looking to her for advice. With over 13 years of experience under her belt, Renée turned her knowledge towards the advancement of the industry as a whole and launched her top-notch educational resources for event pros. In addition to her self-guided Wedding Management e-course, Renée is also the founder and host of the popular B2B podcast, Talk with Renee Dalo.

Renée is a fan favorite on the speaker circuit, taking the stage at conferences across the country, including Alt Summit and Wedding MBA among others.  She is recognized across the industry, having earned a coveted spot on Honeybook’s 20 On The Rise list, and she contributes frequently to industry publications. She currently serves as the President of WIPA Southern California and has also held leadership roles in The Association of Bridal Consultants and The Rising Tide Society.


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